(Directors & Officers Liability Insurance)

Empower your board and safeguard your company's future with Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance.

In today’s complex business environment, directors and officers face a growing threat of lawsuits. Even unfounded allegations can be costly to defend, draining personal assets and jeopardizing the company’s financial stability.

D&O insurance provides a safety net for both your leadership team and your business.

Benefits for Directors & Officers

Benefits for Your Company

Comprehensive Coverage with Tailored Options

Our D&O policies offer three core coverage areas to ensure comprehensive protection:

  • Side A – Direct Indemnification

    Provides coverage for directors and officers even if the company cannot or will not indemnify them. This is critical for situations where the company faces financial hardship or legal limitations that prevent them from fulfilling their indemnification obligations.
  • Side B – Company Reimbursement

    Reimburses the company for legal expenses and settlements it incurs while fulfilling its indemnification obligations to directors and officers. This ensures the company can keep its promises to its leadership team without straining its finances.

  • Side C – Entity Coverage/Securities Claim

    Protects the company itself from lawsuits alleging securities violations, regulatory issues, or other claims brought by shareholders, creditors, or government agencies. This safeguards the company’s assets and financial stability during legal challenges.

Unparalleled Experience in D&O Solutions

Our Specialty Lines team boasts extensive experience crafting D&O insurance solutions for a diverse clientele. We understand the unique needs of both public and private companies, having secured coverage for listed companies not only in Singapore but on overseas platforms like the US and Hong Kong. This deep understanding allows us to tailor D&O policies that effectively mitigate risk for leadership teams across various industries and company structures.

Additionally, we offer a variety of coverage extensions to further customize your plan

  • Advancement of defense costs

    Covers legal fees upfront, ensuring immediate support.

  • Investigation costs

    Pays for investigations related to potential claims.

  • Fines & penalties

    Provides coverage for certain civil penalties imposed by law.

  • Crisis management costs

    Helps you navigate reputational risks associated with lawsuits.

Partner with us to craft a D&O insurance solution that protects your leadership team and your business.

Taking Care Of All Your Risk Management Needs.

Started in the 1960s as an insurance agency, Tan Insurance Brokers is led by a team of extremely experienced and qualified risk managers and advisors and has partnered numerous local and global enterprises for over 4 decades. 

At TIB, you always come first. We’ve built our reputation on decades of putting customers first and our experts are always on hand to deliver personalised service and support.

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