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Started in the 1960s as an insurance agency, Tan Insurance Brokers is led by a team of extremely experienced and qualified risk managers and advisors and has partnered numerous local and global enterprises for over 4 decades. 

At TIB, you always come first. We’ve built our reputation on decades of putting customers first and our experts are always on hand to deliver personalised service and support.

What does Cyber Insurance cover?

Crisis Management

Round the clock  access support to forensics, legal, and public relation experts with strong local and regional presence. Personal contact numbers of Underwriters, Forensics, Legal and PR Service Providers are provided to the insured.

Business Interruption

Pays on behalf to the insured: the loss of business income, as well as extra expenses incurred to maintain operation of the business as a result of the interruption following a network attack.

First Party Cover

Pays on behalf to the insured: Hacker Theft Loss, Network Extortion, and fees and expenses incurred by a Loss Adjustor.

Third Party Liability

Pays on behalf to the insured: claims for compensation made by a 3rd party, liabilities imposed by a regulator, investigation cost, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) breach, consumer redress funds, and also fines and penalties.

Additional Cover*

Provides Emergency Costs, Loss Mitigation Costs, Personal Public Relations Expenses, costs incurred to restore a Network Failure.

Worldwide Cover

Policy coverage extends to worldwide territory and jurisdiction.

Full Retroactive Cover*

Taking care of the insured’s cyber exposures entirely since the formation of the company, excluding any known claims or circumstances.

Free Risk Management Services*

Insurers will arrange for their expert panel to provide employees e-training on phishing, social engineering and data classification, Singapore PDPA compliance readiness consultation, as well as doing a business data breach scanner to identify if cyber criminals are actively trading your employees stolen information.

*Only given by certain insurers.

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