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When You’re In The Construction & Engineering Industry, You Know Surprises Happen All The Time...

The industry continues to be challenged by rising material cost and wages, a growing emphasis on work-place safety and new regulations under the Workplace Safety and Health Act. Work-related accidents can result in injuries, loss of lives and properties, as well as potential punitive damages payable to third parties. Without sufficient risk management, construction and engineering-related companies can often be caught in a difficult situations with large liability claims, potential loss of time and resources, and reduction in operational efficiency.

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At TIB, we’ll help you unbiasedly choose only the coverage you need. We’ve built our reputation on decades of putting customers first and our experts are always on hand to deliver personalised service and support.

QXY Resources has been working with TIB for over 10 years. Whenever we have any insurance issues, TIB has always been able to support us and to explain to us thru the various options available. Many of their staff have been in the business for over 10 years and it’s comforting to speak with a familiar voice that understand our operations.

Elyn Tan, Director
QXY Resources Pte Ltd


Accidents can occur at anytime. Compensation can amount to hundred of thousands of dollars especially if death has occurred. Though unfortunate, accidents are by no means uncommon and that’s where Workmen Compensation Insurance can step in to allow employers to focus on their businesses with the assurance that their employees are sufficiently covered. A workmen compensation policy can address medical care and lost income for your employees, death benefits for survivors, and your potential liability for covered claims.


At Tan Insurance Brokers, we understand the pain and frustration you face in the event of claims. With an experienced and dedicated claims team, we are able to handle these processes professionally, facilitate payout and achieve a fair settlement for all parties involved. 

*Read more about our claims process here.

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