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Check Your Claims Status or Report A New Claim Via Whatsapp

13th November 2019
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At Tan Insurance Brokers, we understand the pain and frustration faced by our clients in the event of claims, so we want to make it one step easier for you.

You now have the option to whatsapp us 7 days a week (8am to 10pm), to either report a claim or check on the status of an existing one.

With an experienced and dedicated claims team, we are able to handle these processes as quickly and efficiently as possible, to facilitate payout and achieve a fair settlement for all parties involved. Whether it be a medical, property or liability claim, we want to ensure that you as employers can focus on your businesses and operate with the peace of mind that we always have your back. Convenience and reliability at your fingertips.

In the case that you prefer to send us your claims via email, please email us at, and for more information on our Claims Process and Claim Procedure Guidelines, kindly visit our Claims Advisory page.

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