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New: Motor Warranty Policy

21st July 2019
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Tan Insurance Brokers is pleased to announce a brand new policy on board our extensive suite of products. Whether you own a versatile hatchback or minivan, a rugged SUV, or a luxury convertible, you know you need the right insurance to protect your car in the unfortunate case of an accident. Our Motor Warranty Policy has just the right coverage for you.

What is the motor warranty policy?

The Motor Warranty Policy provides cover for mechanical or electrical breakdowns that may affect your vehicle during the warranty period. Compensation shall be for parts and labor necessarily incurred to rectify the vehicle parts covered by the warranty.

Summary of the components included under the warranty coverage:

  • Air-con
  • Drive shaft
  • Engine components
  • Suspensions
  • Steering
  • Hybrid batteries
  • Electrical motors
  • Clutch systems
  • Engine cooling system
  • Electrical components
  • Gearbox
  • Breaking systems

* For each component, refer to for details of the actual parts being covered.

Major Exclusions

  1. Excluded parts;
  2. Damage caused by fire, theft, lightning, collision, impact of foreign particles, accident or any Act of God;
  3. Pre-existing defects;
  4. Wear and tear;
  5. Regular maintenance fees;
  6. Third party claims;
  7. Consequential charges;
  8. Towing charges;
  9. Damage caused by neglect or failure to maintain the insured vehicle.

What cars qualify for coverage?

  1. New cars, including those purchased from parallel import dealers;
  2. Used cars;
  3. Super cars;
  4. Cars used for hire and reward (e.g. Grab);
  5. Hybrid vehicles.

* All makes and models can qualify for coverage. Used cars are subject to pre-inspection before enrolment.


  1. Optima Werkz is the exclusive workshop. All servicing and repairs must be done by Optima Werkz.
  2. Policy will only cover labor costs of manufacturer recalls. Costs of the parts are not covered by the policy.
  3. This policy includes 24/7 towing services within territorial limits (fees not covered).
  4. Vehicle must be serviced at intervals as per the Service schedule.
  5. Renewals will be made at the discretion of Liberty Insurance.
  6. A car is considered a “New Car” if the Motor warranty is purchased before / concurrent to the New Car registration or within 1 month from registration and with mileage not exceeding 500km.
  7. “Used Car” refers to an Insured Vehicle which is not a New Car, having been previously registered at the time when the Motor Warranty Policy commences.  The registration could be in Singapore or another country.

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