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Drive Safe, Work Safe

9th November 2018

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Article by

Dr Andrew Tan
Managing Director
Tan Insurance Brokers Pte Ltd

“Vehicular incidents were the top contributor to work-related fatalities last year, with 14 cases, making up one-third of all fatal injuries. Half of all vehicular-related incidents occurred within worksites, while the other half were on public roads.”

 ~ Mr Zaqy Mohamad Minister of State for Manpower

User Awareness

Whilst business owners are encouraged to instill a drive safe, work safe culture among their employees, the latest WSH Council campaign targets vehicle and road users, educating them to look out for potential risks, get users thinking of how one can protect oneself and therefore safely carrying out their work activities.

Vehicle as a tool for business

For most businesses in Singapore, the commercial vehicle plays an integral part in their daily activities, forming also a huge portion of the company’s assets. It is used for traveling between work sites, transporting human resource, products or just simply making a sales call. As the dynamics of businesses grow, the need for different coverage grow with it. Stemming from a simple mandatory requirement, vehicular insurance has evolved into an important component of financial planning for any business. Protecting the asset, user, and products are paramount thoughts of any business owner. For whatever reasons, there are different types of insurance to suit every need.

Finding The Best Fit

How do you choose which coverage best serves your business needs? Research on the current coverage plans and rates. Online resources provide a comprehensive guide on what’s available right now for any business sectors. Get feedback from your employees on safety concerns and risks that your business might face daily to understand what is needed and not. Lastly work with a trusted insurance agent or broker to advise on the best or the most cost effective coverage for you.

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